Microsoft has finally started cleaning up Windows 10 Flash for good

Windows 10 Flash Microsoft atualização KB4577586

Flash has been dead and buried since late last year. It was only on December 31st that Adobe marked the end of this technology and the existing support. Since that day, Flash has stopped working, and that’s history.

Currently in Windows 10 from the beginning, Microsoft is working to remove it and continue its end. If this process seems to have been going on for a while, then Flash will be removed from Windows 10.

Flash results in Windows 10

As Presentation Date provided by Adobe, Microsoft rushed Reveal your plans as well At the end of the flash. He plans to launch an update in early January so that its users can resolve this issue.

This new version came out Experienced In October 2020, in Windows 10, it paved the way for what will be done earlier this year. Yet, with these commitments and decisions, it has not changed the direction Microsoft has taken.

Windows 10 Microsoft Flash Update KB4577586

Microsoft is now taking the final step

Now, and in conjunction with the overall updates for February, this step has been taken. KB4577586 started coming and handles the whole process automatically for the user. This is a mandatory and automatic update.

Interestingly, as users have revealed, KB4577586 has the most suggestive name in update history. Unlike other updates, this cannot be removed from Windows 10, so Flash is back.

Windows 10 Microsoft Flash Update KB4577586

Update KB4577586 takes care of everything alone

There is only Microsoft A recommendation For users who need to retrieve Flash. You need to restore your computer to an old backup. Windows 10 can be reinstalled, preventing this update from being used.

Note that this update only removes the KB4577586 Flash installed by Microsoft on Windows 10. Any and all additional versions must be removed manually by users to effectively protect their operating system.

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