Microsoft has forcefully restarted the Windows 10 PC to install more unwanted apps.

Microsoft has forcefully restarted the Windows 10 PC to install more unwanted apps.

I was away from the computer for dinner The Verge. When I got back I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Windows 10 restarted my computer without permission to install another forced OS update on my solid state drive.

The craziest part: when my computer has finished rebooting Exactly what i wrote Before being rudely disturbed, Microsoft installed some unwanted web app versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook on my computer.

Seriously, the story you’re reading right now started with a news post about this thing. Different people.
Screenshot: Sean Hollister / The Verge

Ok, not as bad as when my entire computer screen was occupied by an unwanted copy of Microsoft Edge. It was terrible.

No, this time Microsoft is sneaking unwanted web apps into my PC and using the Windows 10 Start menu as a free ad space. Did you mention that Microsoft Office app icons magically appear on the Start menu even though you have never installed Office on this computer before?

My new start menu contains shortcuts to Microsoft apps that I haven’t installed.
Screenshot: Sean Hollister / The Verge

By the way, these are not completely free copies of Office. This is just a shortcut to the version of the web that you can already access in your chosen web browser, and it’s also doubled as an ad to buy a more fully featured copy.

Since it’s a web app, it’s not the same as taking up space on my computer, and I don’t even care about the start menu. They are one of the least aggressive bloatware I’ve ever seen, and I’ve never seen the start menu anyway. My taskbar and search bar have been enough for a long time.

Nonetheless, it’s the latest proof that Microsoft doesn’t respect ownership of your PC. This is the latest example of installing what Microsoft wants from Windows Update. With maximum bloatware, And Microsoft’s latest example cares more about profits than how many people or not They can lose their job When Windows suddenly shuts down the PC. Luckily I didn’t lose my job today, but my friend recently lost it.

Microsoft seems to think of our computer as a free advertising space where we can selfishly promote other products. Even though I was told in the 90s that even bundling a web browser was bad. Now they bundle a set of PWA web apps that run in the same browser as a non-removable browser. (Yes, it runs Edge even if you set another browser as the default.)

As discussed previously, a decision like this good Microsoft actually has an essential update that provides critical security patches to keep your computer (you and others) safe. It’s a harder debate when the most noticeable difference after the new update is an attempt to make more money!

like ZDNet Veteran Microsoft reporter Mary Jo Foley, This is not just an experiment that happens to some Windows participants. You have not enrolled in the Windows Insider Program on this PC. The company hasn’t responded to Foley’s request for comment yet, but we’ll see if it changes next week.

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