Microsoft is working to fix critical issues in Windows 10

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Last year, Microsoft confirmed a bug that prevented it from replacing Windows 10, i.e., leaving it as if the computer was leaving the store. Note that these function systems are within the application. This allows users to remove all files and reinstall the operating system if something serious happens. But Microsoft’s Windows 10 has more problems.

Microsoft is working to fix critical issues in Windows 10

So a strange bug in the update has disabled this function for some people running Windows 10 version 1809 or later. So the error message appears: “There was a problem restarting your computer. No changes have been made. ”

One Support document, Microsoft revealed that only a few systems have been affected and the technology company is now releasing a complete solution with January 2021 overall updates. If you are still unable to perform the “Reset This System” function, Microsoft recommends that you try the Deployment Image Service Management (DISM) command.

However, after the overall updates for December 2020, another major bug appeared in Windows 10. This causes the PC to crash with a blue screen error when users turn on the check disk tool.

Microsoft ‘NDFS File System’ error only occurs under certain circumstances. However, the bug comes with January 2021 overall updates.

Microsoft issues

The Windows 10 update for January 2021 is now available for PCs with 20H2, 2004 and 1909 versions. So, in addition to what we mentioned, it comes with important security fixes for more than 83 vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system and other products. However, the Windows 10 update of January 2021 fixes a zero-day bug in Microsoft Defender antivirus.

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Users with Microsoft Defender enabled may use a vulnerability in their systems when opening a malicious file. But as part of the January 2021 patch Tuesday update, Microsoft also fixed bugs that could affect Windows storage services and devices.

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