Microsoft Reveals Upcoming Xbox Game Pass Entries

Microsoft Reveals Upcoming Xbox Game Pass Entries

Microsoft recently released the upcoming game entries on its Xbox GamePass list.

Since there are some good surprises, meet them here at PPLware.

The Xbox GamePass service continues to show its health, and as it usually does, it has received another set of games that go on its list.

Come see the next games on the way to the Xbox Game Pass for Console, PC and Android. In the upcoming list of upcoming days, there are some interesting topics. Come and see.

  • Code Wayne - February 18: PC
  • Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - Ultimate Edition (ID @ Xbox) - 18D Favrero: Console, Android;
  • Reckfest - February 18: Console, PC, Android;
  • Killer Queen Black (ID @ Xbox) - 23D Favrero: Console, Android
  • Dirt 5 - February 25: Console, PC, Android
  • Elite Dangerous - February 25: Bureau;
  • SuperHot: Delete Mind Control (ID @ Xbox) - 25D Favrero: PC

As you can easily see, it has a diversified list and titles of undeniable quality.

What about Android devices?

However, as of February 18, it has been revealed that players with Ultimate will be able to play the following titles on Android devices using touch controls:

  • Bridge Builder Portal
  • Morgret
  • Newers
  • Prophet everywhere
  • Spiritual
  • The Little Acre
  • Yucca-Lali and Impossible Lear

Farewell time

On the other hand, when new games enter the Xbox Game Boss list, there are no other games.

These are:

  • Dirt 4 (Console) - Released on February 24th
  • Momodora: Reverie under the moonlight (console and PC) - Sai A28D Feveriro
  • Thai Russia Bleets (PC) - Sai A28D Feveriro
  • Axenfree (Console and PC) - Released on February 28th
  • Jackbox Party Pack 4 (Console) - February 28th
  • Vampires: Cold Soul (Console and PC) - Sai A28D Feveriro

Forza no steam

However, Microsoft also recently revealed that the Forsa ownership will be available on Steam with the Forsa Horizon 4. The game will be available on Steam on March 9th.

FH4 is bigger than ever, thanks to new modes like The Eliminator and Super 7, in addition to two extensions that bring even more exciting terrain to this open world: the Lego block field at Fortune Island Dangerous Roads and Lego Speed ​​Champions. Aside from the arrival of the Forza Horizon 4 on Steam, we also shared details about the new - and by the way - Hot Wheels Legends car pack that any players can buy and play on Steam.

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