Microsoft: There is news in the design of the new Windows 10 applications

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Microsoft is taking the redesign of Windows 10 seriously, which is already thinking about the applications available in the store. It is considering some new design changes that will affect the way applications display the display, grid display and other components.

Microsoft: There is something new in the design of the new Windows 10 applications

Much has been said about design updates and Microsoft has been busy for some time. So we already saw the new application icons for smooth design and start menu in Windows 10. In addition to computer-level improvements, technology company XAML will also bring new interfaces to applications.

The design proposed by Microsoft also aims to implement rounded corners in many aspects. These include checkbox, toggle button, sorting menu and more in multiple choice modes.

Microsoft applications Windows 10

However, the new design will keep Windows XAML applications similar to existing mobile and web applications, while new documents released by Microsoft suggest that “this may be familiar with Windows”.

The overall goal is to achieve Windows 10 as a whole, ranging from PWAs to various Windows Store applications. So the future Windows 10 may have round windows, buttons, switches, sliders, restored dialogs and more.

Do you know how to download the latest Windows 10 ISO?

Whenever a newer version of Windows 10 is released, The Microsoft It also provides ISO images of the operating system. They can be very useful for making clean installations or creating recovery environment. If something goes wrong with our system, there is a solution.

Microsoft applications Windows 10

Remember that an ISO image is a sector-wise copy of a Windows DVD available in a file. That ISO So, you can burn that ISO file to another DVD, create a bootable flash drive, or extract files with an utility like 7-Zip.

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ISO images are useful because they allow you to create a secure and reliable image of Windows 10. Also, if you are highly skilled in these steps, you can use them to build Windows 10 virtual machines using Hyper-V, Virtual Box or VMware. .

So take a look Here How to do it.

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