Miguel Prague for Unileps: answer Do you want to respond? DGS email sent yesterday at 1:30 pm – Sports

Miguel Prague for Unileps: answer Do you want to respond?  DGS email sent yesterday at 1:30 pm - Sports

The controversy over the false positives of Nuno Mendes and Sporar continues

Miguel Prague, who is in charge of Sporting’s communications, returned to the case involving Nuno Mendes and Sporar, sending a message on Twitter to Unileps-Portugal.

“DGS is still waiting to send you an email directly to the Medical Director of Eugellops-Portugal Sport, in which they considered the Sporar and Nuno Mendes tests to be false positive. Do you want to respond? The DGS mail was sent only at 1:30 pm yesterday”, read. The Directorate General of Health (DGS) today confirmed that there has been no “timely response” from Unilaps to the false positives of athletes Nuno Mendes and Sporar, preventing them from playing in the League Cup. DGS begins by recalling that “to date, the epidemiological study of Govt-19, including epidemiological studies and risk assessment for football clubs, is the responsibility of the regionally competent health authority.”

“Especially in the case of two athletes with a positive outcome, the Regional Qualified Health Commission, which is responsible for determining the action, asked the medical director of Unilaps-Portugal for information on the results of the analysis of the two athletes. They were evaluated and found to be false positives.

DGS clarifies statements made by sports captain Frederico Verandas on Tuesday night, after beating FC Porto 2-1 in the League Cup semi-finals. The document states that “instead of false positives, I wrote that there was an error”.

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