Miguel Prague regrets Sania Corniro’s plight and asks: “What are you afraid of?” – Sports

Miguel Prague regrets Sania Corniro's plight and asks: "What are you afraid of?"  - Sports

‘Case Palhinha’ continues to speak

Miguel Prague, who is in charge of Sport’s communications, regretted the league’s managing director Sonia Corneiro’s decision to suspend the penalty game used for Jono Palhinha.

Miguel Prague considers “if the league chooses neutral positions in other cases”, this time Sania Corneiro “explains what path she is on: in her opinion, harming football is not a distortion of the truth of the game, but rather an intrusion that cannot be allowed by the courts”.

The presence of Jono Palhinha is yet to be underestimated when Sport arrives in Barcelona to face Gil Vicente the next day. It depends on the Sports Arbitration Court (DAT), which can resolve the case before the 18th match day.

In this particular case, only a decision in favor of the Lions could change the yellow that Fabio Verrasimo showed to the midfielder at Pessoa, and it would have removed him from the derby with Benfica. Praised by the President of TCAS.

TAD agreed to the appeal on January 30. On Tuesday, 10 days will end, so the discussion will be immediate.


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