Milan beat Inter Ronaldo’s Juventus to equalize

Milan beat Inter Ronaldo's Juventus to equalize

Nerasurri added 40 points as the Milanese archive. Cristiano Ronaldo started for the start and a goal was canceled in the first half

This Sunday, in the 18th round of Serie A at the Giuseppe Messa Stadium, they defeated defending champions Juventus 2-0 to level the Milan title in the tournament standings.

In the current edition, the team coached by Antonio Conte is limited to the goals of Chile midfielders Arturo Vidal (12 ‘) and young Italian Barella (52’), who made their debut in the Italian Championship. Proof.

Prior to the first goal of the Nerrasuri creation in the Italian classic film, Serie A (15 shots) scored the current highest-scoring Cristiano Ronaldo goal (9 ‘), but the goal was canceled by Cisa’s offside. Previously baked CR7.

With a 175-game victory over Juventus, Inter equalized for Milan with 40 points, although they were relegated from City archives to Serie A in a game that ends on Monday, the 18th round.

For Juventus, who conceded their second defeat in the Italian league, they are in fifth place with the same 33 points, and missed out on a chance to overtake Rome and Naples.

If Milan are to win this round, Vecchia Signora will be a substantial ten points away.

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