Miley Cyrus is blessed by Stevie Nicks, treating’the manager’ as a warning to’future ex-husband’.

Miley Cyrus is blessed by Stevie Nicks, treating'the manager' as a warning to'future ex-husband'.

Miley cyrus Owned Thursday Night (September 10) Tonight showPlayed two fascinating songs, chatted in “throne” (called “Giza”) designed by host Jimmy Fallon and her eye-catching gorgeous Peter Shire, made in a multicolored jumpsuit with sharp shoulders It. David Bowie jealous.

When Fallon asked about the cunning “Edge of Seventeen” sample in Miley’s “Midnight Sky” single, Cyrus, of course, had an amazing story about how she sent it. Stevie Nicks Ask for her blessing using some of the songs Fleetwood Mac The singer’s 1981 solo hit. “I have an alternative melody if you don’t want to pay homage to you and your greatness and how much inspiration you have inspired me,” Cyrus recalled.

“And she said,’You can always borrow from me.’” Cyrus is still an artist like Nicks, godmother Dolly parton And the punk godmother Joan jet I’m so “open and welcoming” when young artists approach and I’m happy to offer mentoring to them. “Everyone admires Stevie Nicks, but having that direct relationship was life-changing and very important.”

The singer also explained how her feet hurt and her voice “burns” after a long day of rehearsals and jams at Metallica and Led Zeppelin, counting her blessings and talking about her desire to work as hard as possible. “I love to work and I love having what I need. One thing that was really powerful until 2020 was that there were amazing releases,” she said, making great music for all the other artists, helping her, providing props. , And we all overcome the epidemic.

“It reminds me of how lucky I am to be in an industry that can bring such peace and joy,” she said. “There’s something that makes everything feel more ordinary when you know you’re sitting in a weird chair spinning around in your underwear on a disco bowl. Somehow in the world everything feels right and good.”

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Cyrus hit the stage twice, and started with a foggy rumble through “Midnight Sky”, which first performed with a completely masked and distanced band. Channeling in the 1970s Midnight specialAn atmosphere of style, complete with a green neon sign with the song title and soft focus camera work, she shook a black, sequined dress like Cher while a bold cutout, deep blue glitter eyeshadow and Carter-era mullet creaked . A song about love being tortured.

She later returned wearing a red shiny minidress and a matching purse for the rejuvenated cover of Hall & Oates’ 1982 hit’The Maniter’, popping with the beat and her signature coarse vocals. Transformed DT. Added a bit of odor to Daryl Hall’s soft Reagan-era pop/soul original. And nothing, earlier she explained the cover by telling Fallon that he warned “my future ex-husband” that “I warned you for the first time”.

Watch Cyrus’ performance and chat with Fallon below.

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