Millionaire Zef Eisenberg dies for land speed record in York, UK

Millionaire Zef Eisenberg dies for land speed record in York, UK

-A man who loved driving at an incredibly fast speed died Thursday trying to set a British land speed record. BBC report. Zef Eisenberg, founder of the sports nutrition company’s millionaire, died in York, England, when his Porsche 911 Turbo S was overturned in a ship-shaking crash after leaving the runway of the El Bington airfield. “I’ve seen a lot of these recording attempts,” said security personnel. Sun. “This is the worst crash I’ve seen here in years.” The father of two children, who almost died in a 230 mph motorcycle crash in the same place in 2016, wanted to break the record of 207 mph on the ground when they died. His crumpled car was carried by the police and an investigation is ongoing.

Tribute to the 47-year-old reckless and ITV4 show host. Speed ​​monster. ITV4’s Satmohan Panesar said, “Zef has been a truly unique character whose passion for speed comes to life in his presentation, and his personal and professional achievements demonstrate his momentum and determination.” “For everyone who worked with him he will miss it very much and our condolences go to his friends and family.” Eisenberg already had several speed records. that much guardian Another TV presenter, Richard Hammond, points out that he nearly died in Elvington in 2006 when his jet-powered vehicle hit nearly 300 mph and crashed. He suffered severe brain damage and fell into a two-week coma before making a full recovery. (Read more car accident stories.)

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