Montalorian Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Baby Yoda and Manto Meet a Star Wars Icon

Montalorian Season 2 Episode 6 Review: A Phone Call to Baby Yoda and Manto

Manto and Croke travel the last length with the windows down.


Of season 2 Mandalorian Continued Disney Plus Friday with Episode 6 of the Live Action Star Wars show. In the wake of the revelation of Baby Yoda last week Real name and origin, Former Jedi Ahsoka Dano Sent I send (Point Pedro) To the planet Titan. There, he can be reached by a small crocodile force and can be joined by a Jedi who can train him.

Episode 6 is titled Tragedy – Did We All Go “O-O,”? – and directed by Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, From evening to morning And Alita: Battle Angel) And the series was written by the creator John Pavro.

SPOILERS Let’s climb the mountain.


Boba Fed reborn

When Razor Crest lands on the Titan and begins to sail with the Croke forces, the second ship arrives – Slave I. You can identify it as the magnificent ship of Bopa Fett (Temura Morrison). We already know that He was alive He knew that Manto had bought his armor on the tattoo, but it was not clear when he would show up again. He decided to do so at the most dramatic moment.

Boba wants to retrieve the shield, and appoints the assassin Fennec Shand (Ming-na Wen) To help him. One last time We saw her and she was shot in the gut and left to die in the sand of the tattoo, but we know that the mysterious figure who walked up to her after that incident was Boba. Star Wars technology can do wonders – now they are super mercenary friends.


Boba salutes the Fed Empire.

Lucasfilm / Screenshot Sean Keane / CNET

Negotiations for the armor of Boba and Fenneck are hampered by the arrival of Imperial Troop carriers, forcing them to kick asses of all kinds. Boba initially destroys the Stromroopers in a Tuscan Rider outfit (the coffee stick turns out to be very useful), but decides to avoid further negotiation and grabs his armor from the razor crest.

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The good thing is, an Imperial Cruiser soon destroys Manto’s ship with an orbital strike. Bye-bye Razor Crest, You are basically the Millennium Falcon of this show, we will miss you.

Reconnecting with his armor, Boba discovers that his killing power has become 11, and Boba becomes Fet (the hope he will overcome – a hope we have always dreamed of – Blind comrades swing sticks). He uses a rocket to shoot the two troop carriers that easily wipe out the Stormroopers.

Throughout this episode Boba is so awesome – his black Tuscan style robes make him look like a warrior monk and then he puts his iconic armor on top of it. It hangs a little bad sometimes, but Hasbro Good to find that action soon!

Django’s past

“Like my father before me, I was a simple man walking through the galaxy,” Boba says of his impulses, reflecting on his father Line of Jango Fett In Attack of clones (And Luke Skywalker’s line To Emperor Balpatine on the return of the Jedi).

He is more like his father than most sons because he is a clone of Django. Decades before the Montalorian events (soon) Phantom Menace).

Part of Django’s paycheck was an unaltered clone he could raise as his son, but the senior Fed was killed by Jedi Master Mass Wind during the Battle of Zionism. After that, Boba tried to get revenge on the Wind and was discredited as a foursome hunter in the following years of Season 2 Clone Wars.


The e-web unleashes heavy back plaster on a Stromrooper fennec chandelier.


During the event, the sluggish regional prime minister ousted Almac Jango and Boba As hypocrites, Not real zonalists. This chapter confirms who those slender traitors are Friendships themselves There is no better source of information with Dartmull, because Boba reveals that Django was a founder who received an armor from the Montreal – Just like Manto – and fought in the Mandalay Civil Wars.

This is similar to the events of the comic series Django Fed: Open seasons, But it is no longer canonical. However, it does provide a better reading and a possible version of the events that Boba refers to – I suspect that Lucasfilm technically selects and selects elements of a continuum of old myths.

Ponga Django’s blue and silver armor was painted a camouflage friendly green, but it was not the original helmet. During Clone Wars the younger Fed used that helmet to pull the Mass window into a trap (except for the fake that exploded).


Manto brings Crowe to the stone he sees in Titan.


Invites all Jedi

In the viewing stone, Kroku enters with a force that, when he stretches out with the forces, a (force) force field, preventing him from sweeping Manto as the action begins. It is not clear if he can contact any Jedi or other force users.

Currently, we know that Luke Skywalker and Leah Organa are out. Ezra Bridger, a rebel, may be alive, and we do not know what happened to Cherie Junda or Cal Gestis after the events. JD: Fallen order (This has happened before A new hope).

Unfortunately, the Imperial Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) Sends his Dark troops Manto and his new friends snatch the vulnerable crook before reaching the little boy. Only got before us An overview Dark Troops – This was the first sight Non-canonical 1995 video game Dark forces – But this is our first correct view of them in direct action. They’re scary, and I can’t wait to see the good ones fight with them.

Gathering allies

Unfortunately, the razor ridge was completely destroyed by the bombing of the Imperial Cruiser. Manto only recovers Beskar staff He will use Gideon and the stick shift crook Loves so much, And very disappointed at the loss of the little boy,

However, Boba decides to dutifully explain the deal he made for his armor, justifying that he and Fenne should stay with Manto until Kroku returns safely. This is the best effect; The time he had at Charleck seems to have made him a better guy than he was at The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi (you could argue he respects his deals Darth Vader And Jappa the Hut in those cases).

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We rode Disney’s new Star Wars


All three return to Neville in Slave I, where we learn Medal Kara Doon (Gina Carno) Got a badge actually from the New Republican pilot, which escaped the Marshal of the planet’s government.

Manto asks for help to get out of Mayfield (Phil Burr) prison – he is serving 50 years in prison Knob betrayed And a New Republican prison ship. Former Imperial sharpshooter can help find Gideon’s cruise ship.

This is a pretty awesome team where Manto is assembled. Maybe give Ahsoka Dano And Po-Cotton Crisis Even a knife?


Moff Gideon gives us a majestic supervisor smile.


Darth Vader, Mark 2

During the voyage, Gideon stands on the bridge and stares at Hyperspace – the pose Vader used to attack in his glorious days. Between that and his black armor, Gideon seems to be shaping himself into the next Vader (presumably he doesn’t want to be a crisp guy like Vader).

Croke throws stromroppers around his cell until Gideon arrives and makes fun of DarkSafe (Croke appears to be using it to try to catch it). The little boy in the Imperial Jerkface is stunned, and the troops place teenage little shrines on Wee Croke – apparently they are coming back Dr. Pershing So he can harvest more powerful cells.


Kroku wants that stick change.


Easter eggs and observations

  • “I did not give my allegiance to anyone.” Boba’s line reminds us that he is a mercenary, so we should not trust him completely. This is one thing for everyone on the show, though – there is no doubt that Manto will be looking at his back.
  • Fennec has Crowe in his view while negotiating with Boba Manto, but her shot may have jumped out of the field.
  • Boba flew very close to the Imperial Cruiser while watching the Dark Troopers – Why didn’t Slave I explode from the sky? It may have been hidden from the scanners, and he avoided any footage.
  • “They’re back. Empire, they’re back.” Boba’s surprise at seeing the cruiser demonstrates what a low profile the Imperial remnant has.

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Join us next Friday, then for Easter eggs and observations Chapter 7 Disney Plus hit of Montalorian Season 2.

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