More than 157,000 blackouts by 2020

Venezuela: Mais de 157 mil apagões elétricas em 2020

Venezuela recorded 157,719 blackouts and power outages between January and December 2020, according to data released today by the NGO Group for Blackouts, which predicts “many difficulties” in power supply throughout 2021.

“We ended 2020 with 157,719 failures, which is unprecedented in the country. 2021 is already expected to be a year of many difficulties in electrical matters,” the CAPA chief told reporters.

According to Ixa Lopez, since January 1, 2021, there have been daily failures in the interior of the country and in Caracas, some of which have affected many areas.

Zalia, Venezuela, which has the most failures in power supply, followed by Dacira, Merida, Trujillo, Barinas and the Portuguese, “and the response (from the authorities) has always been the same, meaning nothing,” he stressed.

Ixa Lopez denounced that even without improvement in electricity service, customers have been affected by the “300% increase in electricity tariff”.

For that reason, he emphasizes that “there is no justification at this time for raising prices for both commercial and residential properties when failures persist,” with the Govt-19 epidemic, recalling that “companies do not work 100%.”

“Even in the first 10 days of 2021, not only in Caracas, but nationally, areas without electricity service continued to fail for 12 to 14 hours a day,” he said.

The head of the CAPA explained that “Caracas (voltage) continues to be less than half of the electricity measurements” and that there are places in the capital where up to 10 voltage drops are recorded during the day.

El Reggio, Altacrecia, La Pastora, San Bernardino, La Candelaria and El Valle are the cities with the highest voltage drops in the capital area, followed by the municipalities of Burta, Sacco and El Hutillo in the neighboring state of Miranda. East of Caracas.

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“Unfortunately, we reached 2021. For the same reason, failures are an issue for sabotage, and it does not focus on the problems of Americans and (officials),” he said.

On January 5, a blackout plunged the city of Caracas and at least ten Venezuelan states into partial darkness as the country’s authorities condemned a new attack on the country’s power system.

According to local radio and social media users, the first 2021 blackout affected the states of Miranda, Argua, Laura, Karabopo, Julia, Bolivar, Sucre, Tachira, Vargas and Nova Esparta.

“We encountered an attack on the national grid today, January 5, which affected the transmission system of Petio Curia (the country’s main hydroelectric station, 680 km southwest of Caracas) and caused load loss (energy) in the capital and other states of Venezuela Delcy Rodriguez announced on her Twitter account.

On March 7, 2019, the biggest blackout in Venezuelan history occurred: the defeat at the Simon Bolivar hydropower plant plunged the entire country into darkness for five days.

One year later, on March 25, 2020, another major blackout struck at least 16 states and part of the capital district.

On May 6, 2020, 19 of Venezuela’s 24 states were completely or partially plunged into darkness, affecting Internet and telephone communications.

Thirteen days later, the city of Caracas and more than half of the country were plunged into darkness.

On October 12, 2020, seven states (Karabopo, Arcua, Vargas, Julia, Laura, Yaragui and Miranda) went dark.

Nov. , Customers complain of sudden variations in power supply and damage to domestic equipment.

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