Morning Report: Daniel Cormier: Khabib Nurmagomedov explained why he used the triangle choke to defeat Justin Gaethje in UFC 254.

Morning Report: Daniel Cormier: Khabib Nurmagomedov explained why he used the triangle choke to defeat Justin Gaethje in UFC 254.

Last weekend UFC 254, Kaviv Nur-Mago Medov Successfully defended his lightweight title with a second round submission Justin Gaeje. It was Nur Magomedov’s most impressive match against an opponent that most people consider the most difficult challenge, but it certainly was a lot more impressive than it looked. If there were countless problems while preparing for this fight, including when Nurmagomedov had a sight and broken toe, the lightweight champion decided to try his best not to hurt Gaethje, just to win.

His story DC and Helwani Friends and colleagues on monday Daniel Comeer The champion delivered a conversation with Khabib explaining why he went for the mount triangle submission instead of using land and pounds or ambass.

“I spoke with Khabib yesterday, and we were talking about it, and we want to speak it the right way,” Cormier said. “He said he saw an interview for a week and saw Justin never tapping. Justin will never knock. So when he goes to the submission-it’s his father’s favorite submission. Go to the mount position, go to the arm bar, go to the triangle. It was said that it was my father’s favorite piece, so when I got there I tried to do amba, but all week after hearing Justin told me he would never knock, I didn’t want to hurt him in front of my parents, so I went to the triangle and made him sleep.

“He actually said so. He said’I would go and put it in the triangle because I didn’t want to hurt him in front of my parents. And when he sleeps, he sleeps and when he wakes up, it’s okay. ‘This is what he told me. Are you crazy? He didn’t want to hurt Justin in front of his parents. It’s ridiculous to be comfortable enough to think about this moment. He didn’t want to break his arm because if Justin didn’t knock, he had to break his arm. And he didn’t want to do that to Justin in front of Mom and Dad. So if I put him to sleep he will wake up and everything will be fine.”

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It’s a touching emotion and added meaning given the tragedy that Nur Mago Medov suffered when his father Abdul Manaf died earlier this year from complications of COVID-19. Khabib was particularly close to his father, and after winning Saturday, the champion retired from the sport, citing his father’s death and promises made to his mother. Everyone can respect Khabib’s decision, but it’s also impossible not to think about what happened to the champion who still seems to be getting better.

“It’s a pity that he seems to be getting more and more dominant,” Cormier said. “Before, there were many decisions. Kamal Shalorus and Glason Tee Bow. People say’Well, he lost a round to Gleison Tibau!’ Yes, when he was 1-0 at UFC. He was 1-0 and Gleison Tibau fought with everyone. That’s the level of competition Khabib has gained right away. Kamal Shalorus is an Olympic athlete and Khabib had to fight him in his first match at UFC. If that’s the level of competition he has and you want to haunt him for him, you’re crazy. This guy has been on the top from start to finish and is fighting tough guys. But in the meantime, all three of his title defenses are over! All finish. finished Conor McGregor, complete Dustin for IrieFinished, and Justin Gaethje and they went faster. 4 rounds, 3 rounds, 2 rounds. He’s just getting better and he’s leaving the top of the sport.”

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