Mountain lion may have killed marsupials at San Francisco Zoo

Mountain lion may have killed marsupials at San Francisco Zoo

A wild mountain lion cub may possibly have taken care of himself to a caged Australian buffet courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.

The mauled marsupials — two wallaroos and a purple kangaroo — have been discovered lifeless at the zoo last week, in accordance to the San Francisco Chronicle, and fingers are pointing at a younger puma discovered wandering the town.

The cub was caught on tape by Fernando Robles who posted a video of the massive cat on Twitter noting, “At all over 12:30 am I noticed a mountain lion roaming the streets of Russian Hill. I followed from inside my auto and lost visible get hold of close to [the] intersection of Greenwich and Jones. Be safe and sound when walking by yourself at night time or when walking your animals. I documented the sighting to SFPD.”

The cub was captured by animal regulate on Thursday at Fourth and Channel streets around Oracle Park and is at present being held at the rival Oakland Zoo in advance of its predicted launch back again into the wild.

Authorities suspect that the puma originated in San Mateo County, which has wildlands all-around the Crystal Springs Reservoir and Sweeney Ridge, which are recognized to be household to mountain lions, in accordance to the Chronicle.

“It’s not prevalent, but there have been a lot of situations in excess of the years the place we have experienced pumas go into enclosures with animals and kill tons of them, and perhaps take in 1,” Zara McDonald, a biologist with the Bay Place Puma Venture, told the paper.

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