Movies based on real stories you have to watch on Netflix

Movies based on real stories you have to watch on Netflix

Do you like movies based on real stories? Because Netflix has a very comprehensive list to suit your taste. The stage offers many images that tell real life events.

From war stories to horrific crimes, scams and political maneuvers, Netflix has realistic movies for every taste.

The Bustle website lists the best Netflix movies based on real facts!

Check out some great examples below!

Chicago 7 follows the true story of the famous trial of seven defendants, which was plotted by the US government. The case was seen as a response to counter-cultural protests in Chicago a year before the 1969 Democratic National Convention. Starring Aaron Sorkin, the film stars Eddie Redmain, Sacha Baron-Cohen and Jeremy Strong.

Directed by David Pincher, Monk is a black and white film about the golden age of Hollywood. Featuring a character named Gary Oldman in this feature, he was commissioned by a veteran screenwriter pioneer Orson Welles to write his first film, Citizen Kane. The film was highly acclaimed by critics and garnered numerous Golden Globe nominations.

With Zac Efron in the role of serial killer Ted Bundy, The Irresistible Face of Evil gives an obvious look at the killer who killed at least thirty women in the 1970s. For those interested in the true story of the psychopath, Netflix is ​​continuing the documentary Talking to a Serial Killer: Dead Bundy.

Madeleine Murray, the most hated female leading atheist activist in the United States, tells the story of O’Hare, who played a key role in strengthening the secular state in some parts of the United States. Through his efforts, he succeeded in getting the Supreme Court to repeal compulsory Bible reading in public schools. O’Hare, who was pursued by Christians until the end of his life, has always been the most controversial figure.

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The Theory of Everting is a biography of the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, one of the most famous and influential scientists in the world. The film, starring Eddie Redmine, follows the entire path of geniuses from his childhood to world recognition. Based on a book written by Hawking’s ex-wife, Theory of Everthing addresses the scientist ‘s challenges with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in depth and respect.

U.S. Sally adapts the story of Airways Flight 1549 to the cinema, which was forced to land on the Hudson River in New York after the Emergency. Tom Hanks plays pilot Chesley “Sally” Sullenberg, who can avoid major problems with his flying skills and save the plane’s 155 passengers and crew.

My Name Is Dolomite marks the successful return of Eddie Murphy to the world of cinema. The Netflix movie is a biography of filmmaker Rudy Ray Moore, best known for his role as Dolomite in his stand-up specials and acclaimed sequel to the blockbuster movement of the 1970s. Nominated for an Oscar. His performance in My Name Is Dolomite was considered by many experts to be a terrible mistake.

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