Mulan Boycott Explained: Why Some Fans Skip Disney’s New Remake

Mulan for $30 on Disney Plus? Count me in

Mulan launched last Friday at Disney Plus.


Disney’s latest live-action remake Mulan from the beloved 90s comic book classic, Shared critics. Some praise the sight Subject resonance, During Other criticism The middle character and plot. But it’s also dividing social media and asking many people to boycott new films. Available for purchase at Disney Plus for $30.

The boycott revolves around two issues in China. The treatment of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China, where part of the film was filmed, and the suppression of human freedom in Hong Kong.

As novelist Jeanette Ng mentioned in a tweet on Monday, Mulan’s credit marks a “special gratitude” for “CPC Xinjiang Uighur Public Relations Department.” It is the propaganda wing of the ruling Chinese Communist Party Xianjang government. Over one million Uighur Muslims have been forced into reeducation camps..

opinion Fighting religious fundamentalism and separatism, The Communist Party of China ordered Uighur Muslims into this camp. It is reported that cheap labor pretending to be retraining is included Forced Chinese learning for crime Includes praying or growing a beard.

Credit is also appreciated by the Public Security Bureau in Turpan, a municipality within Xinjiang. Sanctioned last October By the U.S. government entity list for human rights violations. Some tweeted that supporting Mulan is like getting involved in these human rights violations.

Another source of concern is the remarks made by Mulan’s lead actor Yi Pei Liu in August of last year. “I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me. How shameful is Hong Kong?” she posted on Weibo.

Protests in Hong Kong reached a new peak when Liu made a statement on Weibo amid an outbreak of an Indian bill giving mainland Chinese courts authority over sensitive Hong Kong litigation two months ago. Opponents of the movement often did so at the request of the police to stop violent protests rather than outright support of China.

“Obviously it’s a very complex situation and I’m not an expert. I hope all of this will be resolved soon,” she said. In a follow-up interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Hong Kong activist and politician Joshua Wong I brought Liu’s comments on Friday. When the film started on Disney Plus, it promoted “everyone who believes in human rights to #BoycottMulan.” The tweet has over 27,000 retweets.

Disney asked for comments but did not respond immediately.

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