‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star Whitney Way Thore explains why he’s not afraid to call himself fat.

Whitney Way Thore

Whitney Way Sore There is no problem calling yourself fat. August 31st from Instagram post TLC My big fat great life After some fans who questioned the way she talked about her body, she defended her use of words to describe herself.

“There is no need to distance yourself from the word fat. You don’t need euphemism,” she wrote in a long social media post.

Whitney Way Thore’s retreat photo aroused controversy.

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The debate over the use of the word fat began on August 27, when Thore shared a throwback photo of her childhood as a young girl wearing a rainbow swimsuit with an animal print pattern.

“I’ve brought you high fashion since 1988, but seriously, can I get this suit fat?” She wrote.

While many were kicked out of the funny snapshots of the 80s, Thore’s nearly 1 million Instagram followers felt that she needed to comment on the way she talked about herself and was relieved that she was beautiful.

“Don’t dare tell yourself,” wrote one man.

“You are not fat… . You’re pretty!!” There is another comment.

The’My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star called the comment’an insult’.

Thore’s followers seemed to make sense, but their remarks Reality star. In subsequent posts, she explained why she didn’t hesitate to call herself fat, and why there was a problem when people tried to tell her that the word shouldn’t be used.

“It’s really insulting to claim that a fat person who has been identified as fat is not really fat,” she wrote. “If you try to persuade me differently, you simply reinforce the idea that being fat is bad, and it makes no sense at all because I am obviously fat.”

The person is not fat and says, “Beautiful! / It is interesting! / Smart! / It was a success!” claims didn’t really give permission, Thore argued. Instead, it means “you have not reconciled that one person can be fat at the same time, possess good qualities and have a crush.”

“It’s rude to tell someone that you are wrong,” she added. Thore explained that she was on a “long journey” of taking the word fat as neutral and treating it “like any other descriptor”. Short, brown hair, white are the adjectives I use to describe me and there is nothing good or bad.” She concluded that calling herself fat was not “oppression”.

Many fans appreciated Thore’s comment.

Whitney Way Sore | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Discovery Communications

Few people thought that Thore was rude or defensive and should accept praise from his followers. However, many of Thore’s fans have been grateful for shining the light on why it’s okay for her to call herself fat.

“You have to find a way to make peace with these words,” answered one. “Thank you for this post. It motivates.”

“It’s too deep for me,” said another. “It took me 15 years to comfortably call myself fat. Now it feels more beautiful than ever.”

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