My Uber Driver Mask Case

My Uber Driver Mask Case

Well, yesterday I first met the Uber mask “Situation”.

Uber is a must for everyone to wear a mask.

Uber has a policy that requires all drivers and passengers to wear masks with a few exceptions.

So far, I haven’t had a lot of direct experience with this. During the first six months of the epidemic, I used the ride-sharing app twice. My one international trip. Both rides were uneventful.

However, since arriving in Germany I have been using Uber a bit more to get around and the experience up to this weekend was good. Not only did the driver wear a mask, but there was a plastic shield between the front and back rows. It feels safe enough between it and opening the window.

And I got in the car yesterday.

My Uber driver was upset about wearing a mask.

Yesterday afternoon Ford and I rode an Uber in Berlin. It was raining so I couldn’t open the windows, and after arriving in Germany it was the first Uber without a plastic shield between the first and second rows (I’m not sure, if that’s a policy in any way or something the driver does).

I sat right behind the driver and Ford sat next to me. When we got on Uber I saw the driver wearing a mask. And 10 seconds after we went in he took it off. I couldn’t see it myself, but rather Ford was texting me.

For about a minute in the car, the man said, “Is everything okay?”

Ford politely said, “Would you please wear a mask?”

He replied, “Why, do you think I have Corona?”

At that point I explained to him that we don’t know who has the coronavirus and take precautions and that Uber requires drivers and passengers to wear masks.

While he is wearing the mask:

  • He cried out for 30 seconds if he was uncomfortable wearing a mask and mask, and if he couldn’t believe what he thought he had coronavirus.
  • He began to drive much more aggressively, accelerated quickly, turned corners quickly.

Given the immediate Uber feedback loop, I’m a bit confused as to why he was arguing about it. If he had just put on the mask I would not have reported him or made a bad review. But he was so rude that I gave him a star and reported that he didn’t wear a mask.

Well worth it, he’s been the lowest rated Uber driver we’ve had for quite some time (4.6 stars). So it doesn’t seem that surprising.


Asking someone to wear a mask according to the company’s policy is now like accusing them of having the coronavirus. To be clear, this is not about whether you are a pro mask or an anti mask.

It’s very simple. Uber promises drivers will wear masks with limited exceptions. He put on the mask to indicate that we were wearing it when we got into the car, but took it off after a few seconds. And then he tried to refute when faced with it, but I don’t know what exactly he was trying to achieve…

If you ever used a ride-sharing app during the pandemic, was there a mask accident? How did they go?

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