Mysterious Android automatic updates appear completely suddenly.

Mysterious Android automatic updates appear completely suddenly.

Google is now expecting to publish Android Auto version 5.8 sometime, but here’s another update that started completely abruptly and its purpose is currently unclear.

The new Android Auto currently available for download 5.7.603964 (Increased from build 5.7.603944 published in early October) Naturally, this small version change seems to indicate that the update brings at least one significant out-of-band fix.

If you’re an Android Auto user, you’ll definitely see how important these modifications really are to the overall environment. Phone call issues after updating to Android 11, especially because there are so many things that Google needs to improve for apps that start with hands-free interactions with the Google Assistant and end with the next.

The search giant, on the other hand, didn’t provide details about this mysterious release, so I think it contains fixes, but it doesn’t clearly state what the new update will do. Instead, this version was included in previous releases and comes with the same old changelog pointing to improved DND features, a dark mode in the car UI now independent of the phone, bug fixes and other improvements.

But at the same time, the significant changes that seem to be happening thanks to this mysterious Android Auto update have to do with the way the new version is distributed in the Google Play Store, not the functionality of the app.

While everyone is getting this new version of Android Auto at the same time, the previous update actually came to other devices as a wave. So, in theory, you don’t have to wait for the new Android Auto version to be received, just check the Google Play store for updates and you can download it.

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In the meantime, the release of Android Auto 5.8 is imminent, and Google is expected to release it anytime now.

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