Mystery as a woman’missing for two years’ with fishermen surviving the sea

Mystery as a woman'missing for two years' with fishermen surviving the sea

A woman, missing by her family two years ago, was rescued last week after witnessing floating in the sea off the northern coast of Colombia.

Angelica Gaitan was found in the sea more than a mile from the port city of Puerto Colombia and brought to the shore for treatment.

Her rescuer mistaken her for a floating log until she raised her hand for help. freedom.

A video shot by Rolando Visbal, a fisherman, one of her rescuers, shows Gaitán being dragged onto a boat and later assisted in a beach chair.

In a video known to have been shot on Saturday, she seems to fall into consciousness and then exit.

Gaitán later told Colombian radio that he had been found “floating unconsciously” in the sea by Visbal and his friend.

“I am glad I was alive. He saved me a life. They brought me to the health center where I was getting the care I needed,” she added.

Gaitan claims to have left home in 2018, a version of a family competing event after years of abuse by her ex-husband. In an interview with RCN Radio Barran Kiya, They said she left without notice while suffering from mental health problems.

Gaitán told Colombian media that she left the shelter where she was staying and threw herself into the sea, adding that she spent eight hours in the water before being saved.

Additional reporting from AP

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