Namibia Auctions 170 Wild Elephants

Namibia Auctions 170 Wild Elephants

Advertising for New Era, a state-owned daily retail outlet, said the increase in human-elephant conflict incidents spurred sales.

Namibia’s elephants are among the many species at risk of extinction due to poaching, illegal wildlife trade and environmental factors.

The Ministry of Environmental Forestry and Tourism has stated that elephants can be auctioned off to anyone in Namibia or abroad, which can meet certain stringent conditions, including isolated facilities and a sports-based fence certificate for property where elephants are kept.

Foreign buyers must also provide proof that security officials in their countries will allow elephants to be exported to their countries.

Like many African countries, Namibia seeks to strike a balance between the protection of high-value species such as elephants and rhinos, while at the same time managing the dangers posed by human encroachment.

Namibia’s security drive has international support – its elephant population has risen from about 7,500 in 1995 to 24,000 in 2019, according to government figures.

But last year, Namibia said it was considering deviating from the rules governing the global trade of endangered species. This came after countries voted during a CITES meeting to reject plans to relax restrictions on poaching and export of its white rhinos.

The country wants to allow more cup hunting and live animal exports, arguing that the fundraising fund will help protect species.

In October, 70 female and 30 male buffaloes were put up for sale from the Waterberg Plateau Park in central Namibia.

As the arid South African nation also faced the worst drought in a park, in 2019 it auctioned off 1,000 animals from national parks, including 500 buffaloes.

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