NASA demonstrates the success of the ‘perseverance’ mission to Mars

NASA demonstrates the success of the 'perseverance' mission to Mars

[Trabalhar na missão] It will consume us, it will become a part of us, and somehow, it is even harder to believe that we are done. This seems even more surreal (…). We must continue to fear, we must RespectThat, but at the same time, we have to believe we’re going to build it, because otherwise we would never have put a ‘car’ on Mars, “said Deputy Manager Matt Wallace. Project, Aired at a press conference Live Through social networking Web light And NASA Ann Website.

Thomas Please re-register, Associate Administrator of the National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA) Did not hide the emotion, said that there were two plans: the original and the contingency plan, perhaps the work did not go as expected.

Then, the person in charge stood up and tore up the contingency plan, praising the “historic” moment of “perseverance” (“perseverance”) arrival on Mars.

“We have a representative of the earth in an area we have never seen,” he said Director In Impulse Laboratory Jet Gives NASA, Michael Watkins.

When asked by reporters when data is expected to be collected by the robot’s microphones, Jennifer Drosper, Deputy Manager ProjectHe said that despite the successful landing, the work had not stopped and the first information about the sound capture would be available early Friday morning.

“Perseverance” robot, from NASA, Landed today, 20:56 on the surface of Mars, Lisbon to collect soil samples and other elements of the planet.

“Perseverance”, an unmanned task NASA, Aired on social media Twitter Web light And on the official website NASA Ann Website, 19:15 in Lisbon.

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Activities were integrated from the Impulse Lab in Jet Gives NASA, In Love கசடா Flintridge, In California (USA).

The signal from Mars took just ten minutes to reach Earth, meaning the device would have been on the ground for several minutes when the team responsible for coordinating the “diligence” landing received the robot landing information.

The landing was in the abyss Lake.

Entering the Martian atmosphere occurred at 20:48 in Lisbon, and was seven points on a list of more than 35 essential requirements for landing without any problems. Is being monitored Second.

The final stage of the process took seven minutes.

The moment of landing was appreciated by the team that directed the activities.

Collected specimens should not come to Earth before the start of the next decade.

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