NASA detected hints of life on Venus in 1978, but didn’t realize it?

NASA detected hints of life on Venus in 1978, but didn't realize it?

If life existed on Venus, NASA would have first discovered it in 1978. However, the discovery has not been noticed for 42 years.

Venus life is still far. However, there are reasons to take this idea seriously. On September 14, a team of scientists made a bomb announcement in the journal. Natural astronomy: They used telescopes to detect phosphine, a toxic gas that has long been proposed as a sign of extraterrestrial microbial life in the upper part of the planet’s thick atmosphere. This detection has been a landmark for a long hunt to find life elsewhere. solar system, Mainly focused on Mars and several moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn. Meanwhile, the hot and poisonous Venus was considered too unfriendly to survive for a long time. But now, by digging through archival NASA data, Rakesh Mogul, a biochemist at Cal Poly Pomona, California, and colleagues uncovered hints of phosphine collected by Pioneer 13, a probe that reached Venus in December 1978.

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