NASA finally tracks air leaks on the ISS, but has not yet been fixed.

NASA finally tracks air leaks on the ISS, but has not yet been fixed.

ISS has a small but annoying air leak.


The old cosmic riddle is almost solved. NASA and ISS crew members suffered from an air leak first discovered at the end of 2019. The leak recently seemed to speed up. NASA is hunting to track it down.. The new test finally narrowed it down.

NASA’s astronauts Chris Cassidy and Roscosmos astronauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner conducted a series of tests closing the hatch around the station so that NASA could monitor the air pressure in each zone. Their recent efforts have led NASA into the main working area of ​​the Zvezda service module.

Made in Russia, the Zvezda service module contains living spaces with life support, communication and propulsion systems. “Additional work is underway to pinpoint the cause of the leak.” NASA said in a statement Tuesday.

The space agency stressed that the leak does not pose an immediate danger to the crew.

Flight controllers woke up astronauts and astronauts late on Monday night to fix a leak that “looks like it’s getting bigger”. The crew used an ultrasonic leak detector to collect data for analysis.

The leak may be more consistent than it first appeared. NASA said, “The size of the leaks identified overnight is due to a temporary temperature change in the station, with the overall leak rate unchanged.”

The crew returned to regular activities, including preparing for a busy October at ISS. The station will expect new cargo ships and a new astronaut and astronaut crew. SpaceX will also be released. First crew dragon operation mission on the ISS Late October.

Isolating leaks for specific service modules is a big step. Once the exact location is found, NASA can look at the repair options and finally end the long, leaky story.

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