NASA is bewildered by the mysterious ridges of Mars.

NASA is bewildered by the mysterious ridges of Mars.

NASA sent age Observation and exploration MarsHowever, the Mars reconnaissance orbiter took pictures last month that “baffled” researchers of the ridges of Mars’ surface.

Images taken with the HiRise Context camera were color-enhanced to aid in the correlation of the rock units, but left more questions than the answers for the area known as Aureum Chaos.

The team at the University of Arizona, which runs HiRise cameras, made a suggestion on how the area was formed.

The massive lava tubes on Mars and the Moon can be homes of life. Researchers

“The ground with a coarse polygonal pattern was created by the stress of the sediment, and the groundwater followed the fractures and mineral deposits that solidified the sediment,” he wrote. Blog post. “It’s probably been eroded by the wind for billions of years, leaving cement cracks as high ridges.”

“Of course, this story isn’t completely wrong, but it’s almost certainly incomplete,” the researchers added.

According to NASA, Aureum Chaos is a “229 miles wide area east of Valles Marineris”. This area is rough and crumbling, making it difficult for the probe to explore.

However, the recently launched Ingenuity helicopter attached to the Perseverance rover could eventually help you explore the region’s Red Planet.

August, NASA arrival “Big milestone” for the latest mission Mars, Because the space agency was able to power six of the helicopter’s lithium-ion batteries.

Bacteria can move from Mars to Earth and change what we know about the way life is formed.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover recently left Earth on the way to Mars from Mars Fossilized evidence Of extraterrestrial life.

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We are still learning a lot about Mars’ topography and atmosphere. Earlier this week, Curiosity Rover spotted “The Dust Demon” by Gale Crater.

NASA’s long-term goal is to send a manned mission to Mars in the 2030s.

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