NASA launches a new $23 million space toilet on the ISS. Must arrive on monday

NASA launches a new $23 million space toilet on the ISS.  Must arrive on monday

This unusually shaped space toilet will be tested by ISS astronauts.


Recently designed Space toilet To better accommodate women is headed for the International Space Station. that much The new toilet was packed in a cargo ship. It exploded successfully at NASA’s Walllops flight facility on Walllops Island, Virginia, on Friday evening at 6:16pm Pacific Time. The astronauts will be piloting the toilet in the coming months.

Weighing nearly 100 pounds (45 kg) and measuring 71 cm (28 inches) high, the new toilet is half the size of two Russian-made toilets already in use by ISS. This new toilet bowl is 65% smaller and almost half lighter than the ISS toilet you’re currently using.

The new, small toilet can fit into the NASA Orion capsule, which will be moved to the moon in a future mission.

As previously reported, The new toilet bowl is designed with a tilted seat, a new shape and a redesigned funnel for urination.

Space toilet 2

Let’s take a closer look at the new space toilet that will be used on the ISS.


The microgravity toilet used by the ISS uses suction to prevent trash from escaping during toilet rest in space, but the new system has a new shape that better fits the female anatomy. The toilet is also better suited for collecting more garbage than before.

“Clearing the mess is a big deal,” said Melissa McKinley, Project Manager at Johnson Space Center. “We don’t want to make mistakes or escape.” To the guardian. “Let’s say everything is floating in zero gravity.”

In addition, the new toilet system is less mass and easier to use than the previous system, improves the comfort and performance of the crew, and can treat urine safely in the spacecraft recycling system. ” According to the NASA report Previously published in June.

The toilet is placed in its own cubicle next to the old toilet on the American side of the space station. The toilet, currently on the American side of the space station, was designed in the 1990s.

This new universal waste management system toilet remains on the ISS until the end of the space station’s life.

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