NASA launches Artemis space launch system rocket

NASA launches Artemis space launch system rocket

NASA Artemis begins to mobilize space launch system, marking an important milestone ahead of future missions நிலா.

“At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, engineers downgraded first place in 10 categories to 10 solid rocket boosters on November 21, which will operate the agency’s first deep space rocket’s aircraft,” NASA said. Report. “Artemis I will be an unopened aircraft to test the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft as an integrated system in front of the aircraft sent to the moon with the Artemis program.”

The aerospace company said the booster units arrived on the train in June from Northrop Kramman’s manufacturing facility in Utah.

“Stacking operations began on November 19. Engineers are moving a booster unit from the rotation, processing and surge facility to the 525-foot-high vehicle assembly building,” it said.

NASA Test Booster Rocket for future artistic purposes

Artemis I work is scheduled to take place in 2021.

“Stacking the first part of the SLS rocket into the mobile launcher marks a key milestone for the Artemis project,” said Andrew Shroble, operations manager, who works with Jacobs, a civil engineering firm. “It shows the mission is really getting in shape, going to the launch site soon.”

Space launch system for the Artemis I mission The rear of the solid rocket boosters are preparing to enter Upper Bay 4 inside NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building (VAP) at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
(NASA / Kim Schifflet)

Of NASA Artemis The project is purposeful Return Astronauts to the moon in 2024. However, a recent one Report From the NASA office of the Inspector General Described The 2024 timeline is more ambitious.

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Earlier this year NASA tested booster rocket technology that could be used to power future Artemis missions. நிலா.

NASA astronauts become the latest space station residents on the historic Space Crew Dragon Mission

Last year, NASA released details of its vision Artemis நிலா Lander that returns astronauts to the lunar surface.

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The United States was the only country to put astronauts on the moon during the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972. Only 12 men, all Americans, have set foot on the moon.

Chris Sciasia of Fox News and the Associated Press contributed to this article.

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