NASA reveals that Earth’s ‘Mini Moon’ 2020 SO is definitely space junk

NASA reveals that Earth's 'Mini Moon' 2020 SO is definitely space junk

This photo from 1964 shows a centaur top-level rocket. Space Object 2020 SO is one of these.


Welcome back to Surveyor 2 Centaur Rocket Booster. We’ve got a new chapter in the history of a Bittersweet spacecraft that includes a fiery launch, a ruined moon mission and decades of space wandering.

A rocket booster used to launch the Surveyor 2 lunar lander in 1966 has returned to us for a temporary spin as a mini moon in NASA’s orbit around Earth. When scientists discovered it in September, they named it 2020 SO. On Wednesday, NASA announced the phenomenon The material has been positively identified as a booster of the 60s.

In 1966 the booster did its job brilliantly, but crashed into the moon’s surface.

The specific orbit of the booster around the sun This prompted astronomers to believe that it was not an asteroid, One of the many space rocks surrounding our cosmic environment. Some scams in 1966 tracked down a booster near Earth.

Telescope observations have now revealed the steel alloy of 2020 SO. This cosmic detection mission involved comparing the spectrum data of the mysterious object to data collected on a known Centaur rocker booster that has been floating in space since 1971. This is a competition.

This object has attracted a lot of interest due to the mystery surrounding it and the fact that it is captured in the orbit of the Earth, which creates a beautiful little visiting mini moon. The Virtual Telescope Project Livestream 2020 SO When it came close to Earth on November 30th.

The Centaur Booster will be sticking with us for a few months, but its space adventures are expected to continue around the sun in March 2021. This time we all say “Goodnight, Centaur. Goodnight, Mini Moon.”

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