NASA Selects Nokia to Build First Mobile Network on the Moon

NASA Selects Nokia to Build First Mobile Network on the Moon

Nokia is the first US space agency NASA variable Phone network on the moon.

The Finnish technology company recently announced that the Nokia Bell Labs division will build a lunar communications system. NASA said it would mount equipment on the lunar lander. The spacecraft is expected to reach the lunar surface in late 2022.

Nokia’s announcement comes as the space agency continues to prepare to send astronauts to the moon by 2024. NASA’s Artemis program It aims to establish a long-term human presence on the moon as a “warm up” for the future. mission On Mars.

Earlier this month, NASA announced that it has provided $370 million to 14 companies to provide technology for its lunar landing program. Money will support research Cryogenic body fluids measure And technologies related to energy storage and power generation on the lunar surface.

The space agency also signed a contract for the development and testing of an improved lunar landing system. And it’s looking for private companies Mine rocks and other resources On the moon.

The Nokia contract has been included in NASA’s recent award for private companies. The space agency said it would pay the company $14.1 million to build a mobile network.

Nokia said its network will provide the vital communications astronauts need to perform on the moon. Here distant Real-time control of lunar vehicles and other equipment sail Action and high-quality video streaming.

Equipment includes a base station, antenna And computer software programs. All equipment is designed to survive difficult launches, lunar landings and extreme conditions in space.

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Nokia said the equipment was designed to configure or set up its own 4G/LTE communication network. Marcus Weldon is Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer. Weldon says that the 4G/LTE system is “a Sustainable Human presence on the lunar surface.”

The company decided to use 4G instead of the latest mobile technology, 5G, as 4G is more usable and proven. Can be trusted.

Nokia said its long-term goal is to move the lunar network to 5G technology in the future.

My name is Bryan Lynn.

The Associated Press and Reuters reported this story. Bryan Lynn revised his report on VOA Learning English. George Grow was an editor.


Words of this story

variable – Adjustment. It can be moved freely or easily.

mission – N. An important task that usually involves traveling somewhere

Cryogenic -adjustment. Related to scientific research on very low temperatures and their production methods

measure – N. Control and organization of something

distant -adjustment. From a distance

sail – N. Movement and guidance of objects such as ships or vehicles

streaming – N. Listening to or watching sound or video directly on the Internet

antennayen. Structures made of metal bars or wires that receive or transmit radio or television signals, often located on top of buildings or vehicles

Sustainable – Adjustment. Can continue for a period of time

Can be trusted – N. The ability to be trusted or trustworthy

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