NASA – The first recorder sounds due to the diligence of Planet Mars released by the Observer

NASA - The first recorder sounds due to the diligence of Planet Mars released by the Observer

The robotic vehicle diligently picked up the first sounds on the surface of Mars on Monday by the US space agency NASA.

Dave Cruel, one of NASA’s people responsible for the diligence operation that landed on Mars last week, told a news conference The sound recording sent to Earth by the robot allows us to distinguish Mars as “the wind of the wind”. “We very much hope that these microphones can continue to be used to capture sounds,” Cruel said from the surface of Mars.

Like other pictures and videos, The sound of the red Mars landscape is available through social media by NASA.

This is not the first time sounds have been captured from the surface of the “Red Planet”. In 2018, Insight Vol Had sent the sound of Mars’ wind to Earth: The recording was edited three times so that it could be heard by humans.

Listen to the wind from Mars, the first sound was taken from another planet

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Now there is perseverance Two microphones, Located on a sophisticated camera called Supercom, another is not yet operational.

Expectations regarding the distribution of sounds and images made Fake videos In the last few days, it has been shared millions of times, through social networks.

True test. Did diligence make a great video about Mars?

After last week, NASA has released the first photos of diligence on Mars, In which Mars can enter the atmosphere and observe the descent and the opening of the supersonic parachute, the vehicle’s contact with the planet’s surface, until the formation of a red dust cloud launched this Monday New video images.

NASA releases new images of Mars in video

The site diligently selected for the land is the Jessero Gorge, which is believed to have been a lake in the past, leading to a river, so it may have been rich in fossil microorganisms.

One Robot Vehicle Trips In addition to collecting samples of soils and rocks that are expected to reach Earth within a decade, the planet is looking for potential life data.

NASA’s “diligent” mission to search for extraterrestrial life has already reached Mars

The robot landed on the surface of Mars in Lisbon at 8:56 pm on Thursday The signal from Mars took more than ten minutes to reach Earth.

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