NASA’s diligent rover is approaching Mars to find evidence of life

NASA's diligent rover is approaching Mars to find evidence of life

Of NASA Diligence is less than 100 days until the rover is available Tuesday And looking for fossil evidence for extraterrestrial life, the space agency said.

A Report Produced on Tuesday, NASA has 166 million miles left in Mars’ Xero gorge until it touches EST on February 18, 2021 at 3:43 p.m. If the landing is successful, NASA’s JBL will receive confirmation in about 11.5 minutes.

“While we call it a six-and-a-half month journey from Earth to Mars, I assure you there is not much croquet on the Lido deck,” project manager John McNami said in the statement. “Between testing the spacecraft and planning and simulating our landing and surface operations, the entire crew is on the clock, working to explore the Jesero abyss.”

This spacecraft from the Martian spacecraft was created using images from NASA’s solar system in outer space. Image from the middle of the journey between Earth and Mars. (NASA / JBL-Caltech)

How does the Mars permanent rover get to the red project?

Several achievements were made on the rover this week, including ensuring that the method used to reduce it on Mars was in “good operating order” (Nov. 9); Keeping PIXL and SHERLOC tools up to date (Nov. 10); And the analysis of the Lander Vision system was performed on Wednesday.

The next milestone for the trip will begin on November 16, with a five-day simulation of surface activities, including driving and collecting samples.

After that, another update will come on December 18, “NASA plans to maneuver a trajectory, tuning the spacecraft’s trajectory to Mars using the eight motions of the spacecraft,” it added.

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NASA has released a post Real-time look See where the rover is at any given time.

NASA’s diligence rover ‘special’ hidden message to Mars

1 2.1 billion rover will come with the first helicopter, which is called ingenuity, which will allow researchers to understand the reliability and power of vehicles heavier than air on the Red Planet. In August, NASA Running Up to six lithium ion batteries on the ingenuity.

As diligence comes in the Jesuit Valley, it will still be in operation Curiosity Rover Who is now dead Chance Rover On the red planet.

The duration of this journey over the surface of the Red Planet is at least a Martian year or about 687 days. While there, it will perform a number of tasks, including searching Fossil evidence Alien life.

NASA’s long-term goal is to send a manned mission to Mars by 2030.

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