Nate Robinson is destroyed by Jake Paul in his boxing debut

Nate Robinson is destroyed by Jake Paul in his boxing debut

Nate Robinson showed in his boxing debut that he was not in the ring.

In his first professional fight, former Nick was destroyed by YouTube sensation Jack Paul on Saturday night in the undercard before making a Mike Tyson-Roy Jones junior bout at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The The Tyson-Jones junior fight was judged to be an unofficial draw.

The 36-year-old Robinson was completely knocked out in an eight-round cruiserweight exhibition fight less than two minutes into the second round, but three-time NBA Tunk Tournament champion Bot Boy. Eventually Robinson woke up.

Robinson – who has played with the Knicks for four seasons – was knocked down when he came rushing in with Paul (2-0) in the first round, who hit just above the ear. In the second round, Robinson rushed back towards Paul, hitting him in the forehead and falling down. Surprisingly, the former 10-year-old NBA player Paul immediately woke up before he could finish well.

According to ESPN, 23-year-old Paul landed three of his eight punches, but they all led to a knock.

A boxing legend who was exploring the fight was not impressed with Robinson’s entry into the new game.

“You don’t play boxing,” said analyst Sugar Ray Leonard.

Paul, who says he is focusing on his music career right now, plans to get back in the box – and he even invited UFC star Connor McGregor.

“As one of the most hated people in the world, I have to fight through it,” Paul said after the fight. “It simply came to our notice then. So for me, this is my perfect game. I found my way. ”

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After the match, many on Twitter provoked a fight:

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