Nathan Drake Introducing Two Unknown Movie Set Photos: Tom Holland, Nolan North

Nathan Drake Introducing Two Unknown Movie Set Photos: Tom Holland, Nolan North

The Uncharted movie is really happening. Is the Uncharted Movie Really Happening? The Uncharted movie is really happening.

Changes and reruns after almost 12 years of wrong start, A live-action Uncharted movie by Sony Pictures to be It’s actually happening. To celebrate the shooting opportunities under the strict COVID-19 safety protocol, the original Nathan Drake stopped by set to deliver the torch to the new Nathan Drake. Spider-Man: Far From Home Actor Tom Holland.

“Looking in the mirror!” Actor Nolan North, who voiced Drake in Naughty Dog’s original Uncharted game, Tweet on Thursday. “@TomHolland1996 is proud to continue the Drake legacy! Of course smash it! Thank you for visiting !!”

Here is a full picture of North and Holland. They will discuss how hard North should wink at the camera as he inevitably makes a cameo in the movie.

Photo: Sony Pictures via Spoiled dog / twitter

Two additional photos show props from the movie, including a jeweled artifact in the center of the cellar. The life of Ferdinand Magellan and the first round of the world, Francis Henry Hill Guillemard’s 1890 Explorer’s Biography. The book may hint at the film’s ultimate conspiracy that is not expected to be based on any game.

Books about Ferdinand Magellan on the Uncharted movie set

Photo: Sony Pictures via Unknown / Twitter

Unknown, – base Dutch Instagram — It appears to be being filmed in Xàbia, a small coastal town outside Valencia, Spain. It was planned to start filming earlier this year before the pandemic swept and shut down all Hollywood productions. Photos shared by the Netherlands in July Teasing that production is being prepared, And now the film is finally underway after losing directors like David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, Dan Trachtenberg, and Travis Knight. This version of the movie is currently venomThis is Ruben Fleischer.

update: Shortly after North’s tweet, Holland followed up on Instagram. As a picture of your first appearance His in drake costume

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake costume from the Uncharted movie

Photo: Sony Pictures via Tom Holland / Instagram

UnknownStarring Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle, the silver is currently set to release on July 16, 2021.

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