National ports lost nearly 30% of passenger traffic by 2020

National ports lost nearly 30% of passenger traffic by 2020

The ports of Cape Verde handled a total of 757,011 passengers in 2020, almost 30% less than the previous year, explained by the effects of the Govt-19 epidemic, which forced the suspension of links between the islands.

According to the annual traffic report prepared by Enabor, the public company responsible for managing the nine ports in the archipelago, 314,249 fewer passengers were carried within a year (-29.3%).

In the islands of Sao Vicente and Santo Anto, Porto Grande and Porto Novo, respectively, accounted for 72% of passenger traffic in 2020, compared to only 9% for Priya. The port of the capital lost 45.4% of operations, handling 66,288 passengers (boarding and unloading) compared to 2019.

According to Enabor data, national ports handled 6,437 vessels worldwide by 2020 (-18.1%), while cargo handling declined (-18.7%) to 2,167,156 tons.

To control the spread of Covit-19, maritime connections were suspended by the Cape Verde government from late March to mid-May, with a state of emergency.

From September 3, ships guaranteeing links between the islands will be able to use up to 75% of the three-and-a-half-hour voyage, up from 50%, which has been fixed since the resumption of service in May, due to the Govt-19 epidemic, forecast in the Cabinet resolution.

These amendments specifically target maritime traffic and change the previous definition, which states that the capacity of ships should be “respecting the minimum social distance of 1.5 meters”, which, up to a maximum of 50%, has been translated as occupational capacity.

In accepting the resolution, the government explained that these changes would allow it to occupy 100% with an interval of less than three and a half hours. The move was intended to “stay vigilant and strengthen measures to combat Govt-19,” but also to “launch a gradual process of economic recovery and the movement of people between the islands by sea.”

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CV The management of Interlhaas has admitted losses of 4.5 4.5 million by 2020, due to Govt-19, which requires financial compensation from the state.

The KV Verdian government already expects to review the concession agreement for public maritime services for passengers and goods, which CV. The reason for the interlocking is that it receives a grant from the state, giving commercially defective connections.

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