NATO calls on US and EU to cooperate on China’s rise to power

NATO calls on US and EU to cooperate on China's rise to power

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday called on the United States and Europe to unite to address the challenges posed by China’s emergence in global security, stressing however that it does not see not Beijing as an “adversary”

In an intervention during a conference integrated into the meeting “Young leaders 2021”, organized by the University of Paris Sciences Po, Stoltenberg indicated that the global challenges are to fight against terrorism, nuclear proliferation, pandemics, campaigns. disinformation, infrastructure protection and the rise of China.

“Neither the United States nor Europe can face these challenges alone”, he stressed, indicating of China that, soon, it will be the largest economy in the world, not however exempting it. critics.

“It does not share our values, it does not respect human rights, it harasses other countries and it has tried to weaken an international order based on rules”, he defended.

The head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) recalled the situation in Hong Kong and the repression of Uyghurs in the autonomous region of Xinjiang, “the brutal social control” of the population with technological methods “never seen before ”.

Stoltenberg said China has harassed countries like Australia, Canada and Norway in recent months when the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

“[Pequim] he blocked political dialogue and trade ”with the Scandinavian country, he added.

The head of the Atlantic Alliance also underlined the strong push of China to its military budget, but stressed that “China is not an adversary”, while considering the country as one of the “global challenges” confronting the Atlantic Alliance, traditionally centered security threats against Europe.

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The NATO Secretary General, however, stressed that China’s rise to power has also created economic and trade opportunities, enabling “hundreds of millions of Chinese to lift themselves out of poverty.”

“But we must understand the consequences of a fundamental change in the balance of power” on a global scale, insisted the former Norwegian prime minister.

Therefore, Stoltenberg underlined the importance of the United States, with the new president, Joe Biden (who will take office on Wednesday), and of Europe in strengthening the cooperative commitment within NATO.

“[A Aliança Atlântica] it is the only organization in which Europe and North America meet every day. It is a unique political platform, ”he insisted, expressing his confidence in Biden,“ a staunch supporter of NATO, ”to help“ revitalize the bond between the two regions.

Stoltenberg warned, meanwhile, that “there will still be challenges” to be resolved between the two sides so that we can then move on.

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