NBC’s Peacock finally live on Roku after tense negotiations

NBC's Peacock finally live on Roku after tense negotiations

As in the case of online media, the delayed arrival of Peacock’s Roku streaming sticks and set-top boxes boils down to one major factor: advertising money. Companies running ad-supported Roku channels, for example NBC and Peacock, have a contractual obligation to allow Roku to sell 30% of its ad inventory and charge all revenues from it. According to KindsBut NBC Universal which That’s because we were planning to offer Peacock for free to Roku customers.

That’s not all. One of Peacock’s striking features is that its ad support tier runs ads for no more than 5 minutes per hour. That said, some of the Roku’s overall ad revenue for the service may have been minimal at best, but NBC used consumer-friendly promises to further justify why Roku couldn’t charge for ad inventory or money. (Because it’s worth it, I think NBC can get away with minimal ad placement as it develops new ad formats and makes the most of limited ad time by developing new ad formats and exclusive contracts with certain “charter” sponsors.) Obviously, it has covered a new clause that must be fulfilled if Roku agrees to carry Peacock. In short, everything was a mess.

Those messy negotiations Came to my head late last week, When Comcast-owned NBC Universal threatened to fetch 46 TV Everywhere channels, including 11 network apps, 12 NBC-owned station apps, and 23 Telemundo-owned station apps on Roku after the distribution contract expired. . After the public sniping of both sides, the drama quickly subsided. The two companies a few hours later The peacock will actually arrive in Roku soon.. The terms of the contract between Roku and NBC Universal are eventually unknown, but the latter’s hardship may have ultimately forced Roku’s hand.

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Now, if Roku, AT&T and WarnerMedia can fix the problem with the HBO Max, people may actually have a reason to buy the streaming stick again.

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