NDDoH officials said Private Gatherings are the biggest spreaders of COVID-19.

NDDoH officials said Private Gatherings are the biggest spreaders of COVID-19.

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live)-COVID-19 continues to spread across the country and throughout the region. The number of active cases is at record highs every day in North Dakota. While bars and restaurants are responsible for much of the spread of the disease nationwide, health officials in Cass County say the cause of the widespread outbreak is closer to home.

“The biggest spreader event really is these social gatherings. There are weddings, funerals, birthday parties, and so on.” Health epidemiologist Brenton Nesemeier said, “People … take personal responsibility and don’t actually attend these large gatherings when they haven’t been advised.”

Recently, Fargo’s bars, restaurants and other businesses have felt the impact of this incident. Mask obligations are currently in force and restaurants are only encouraged to maintain a 25% capacity. However, the larger spread of this disease may actually be where guidelines have not been established. These events are difficult to regulate due to the lack of masks and social distancing guidelines in personal settings.

At a press conference on the COVID-19 pandemic in North Dakota, Governor Doug Burgum also stressed the importance of using caution in private meetings.

“Given the level of positivity we have, it’s really pretty high that someone in the North Dakota crowd is contagious, unaware of it, and asymptomatic,” Burgum said. “People have to be cautious about the size of every meeting. They attend whether they are with their family or in a public place.”

Public health officials are encouraged to be careful with everyone when hosting events and assembling together.

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“If you want to host a meeting or host a group of friends. Keep it small. Keep it intimate. “Nesemeier also” connects closely with small groups of friends. Recommend wearing a mask when you are together. “I advise.

Nesemeier also said the case is prone to spread in these private gatherings. “When one or two cases of attending a larger meeting happen, it just spreads like a wildfire there.”

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