Nego do Borel spoke to Duda Reis after videos on the web: “I will not fight” – Who

Nego do Borel spoke to Duda Reis after videos on the web: "I will not fight" - Who

Nego do Borel (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

After speculation about ex-fiancee Duda Reis with videos posted to the internet, Nego do Borel took to Instagram to defend her and say the posts were just coincidences.

“I will not fight with Duda. Duda will not fight with me, she is my friend, a sensational woman. I have my values. We know our worth, so it does not help. This video she has posted, I’m not sad because she had already recorded it, and Duda will not publish things and will not give indirectly, ”he began.

Afterward, Nego said he even spoke to the ex-fiancée about the situation. “Duda posted this video of the scam company, but she recorded it when we were together. She posted it now. We even talked, and she said, ‘Nothing to do, I won’t. “haven’t posted indirectly.” And she can post whatever she wants, that’s fine. We won’t fight, it’s no use, “he said.

The singer also spoke about the good relationship after the end, “What’s cool about a relationship is this. A couple has broken up and is there in a deal. We talk directly, every day. She’s a partner. I love her very much, I have had special and unique moments with her. I respect her and it is no use coming to see my family, my friends, wanting us to fight, we will not fight “.

End of engagement
On Wednesday (23), Nego do Borel wrote a text on Instagram to congratulate the actress and talk about their relationship. They started dating in 2018 and ended in December of last year, but resumed in April.

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“She is part of a love that has been eternal as long as it has lasted, and today it has become a great friendship, which I want to last forever! All the luck in the world for you, my love! Keep counting on me. each other! “, finished. In early December, Nego and Duda traveled to the Maldives and Dubai.

Later, Duda also took to Instagram to talk about the breakup with the artist. “A week ago, Maycon and I decided together to follow different paths. It’s been almost 3 years of relationship, where there have been mistakes and a lot of success too, after all, nothing has happened. ‘is perfect. We always try to make it work, but sometimes winding paths appear When we start a relationship, obviously we are looking for amazing things and it doesn’t have a break, but it has happened. Sometimes, we don’t understand some things, but our relationship has become a friendship and we respect each other as people and friends! good for him! I will not make a circus out of it, so hope you will understand and respect this moment », Wrote the actress.

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