Nest Audio’s unpacking lets you know where the touch controls are located.

Nest Audio's unpacking lets you know where the touch controls are located.

A day later Google TV and Chromecast Leak, Nest Audio is receiving its own opening. This is a more direct practice, but it revealed the presence of touch controls.

Oddly enough, all Nest Audio speakers on store shelves are made of Charcoal. In the box One-time Reddit account It boasts the ability to “pair two for stereo sound” and “built-in tweet and woofer vivid vocals and rich bass”. Full specs are only shown after releasing by Google. September 30, One initial impression is Pretty positive:

Sound quality blows up the original Google Home with a very wide margin. The treble is very clear and sharp, the bass is very delicate and sharp, while the heavy bass items seem to have clarity rather than heavy output. It seems to be competitive with my Sonos IKEA speakers at low volume.

This gray device is paired with a white base and is well sized compared to Apple’s Magic Keyboard 2. The power adapter is white and resembles the device included with the product. Nest Hub Max. Like Made by Google Smart Displays and last year’s Nest Mini, a barrel jack is utilized.

The instruction pamphlet states that there is a touch control on the top front. Tap the corner to adjust the volume, and the wide “top front” is for play/pause. Assuming this hardware side, connect the mute switch on the rear.

Nest Audio is already available in store, and with a few successful purchases and openings, you can get it right after its launch on Wednesday for $99.99.

More info about Nest Audio:

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