Netanyahu to condone undisclosed plans to sell US arms to UAE: report

Netanyahu to condone undisclosed plans to sell US arms to UAE: report

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin NetanyahuBenjamin (BB) Netanyahu MORE Privately tolerated the sale of advanced weapons in the US The United Arab Emirates (UAE) openly opposed this deal, but The source told the New York Times.

Officials told the newspaper that the Israeli Prime Minister had allowed the sale as part of an effort to “normalize” relations between the country and the Emirates before news of the diplomatic breakthrough was released at the end of last month.

President TrumpKenosha Mayor Donald John Trump quotes’peaceful’ night and lifts curfew MSNBC’s Joy Reid,’frame’ of Muslim remarks’didn’t work’ Conway said more’hidden secret’ Trump voters he won in re-election I said it would help. In August, the UAE announced that it would increase its recognition of Israel in exchange for pledges to annex Israel’s West Bank territory.

After the diplomatic agreement was announced, the Trump administration pushed forward a contract for the sale of weapons with the UAE, which included the purchase of F-35 stealth fighters and armed drones. According to the Times.

The U.S. contract is also reported to include a previously unreported shipment of the EA-18G Growler jet.

Netanyahu previously called the sales report. “Fake news” Israel insisted that it would not support the deal in such circumstances. However, the official who spoke to The Times contradicts his public statement.

US officials stressed that the deal was not a direct reward for which the UAE agreed to recognize Israel, but said the agreement had eased US opposition to such sales.

According to The Times, the deal still faces an uphill road in Congress due to laws on arms sales that undermined Israel’s dominance.

Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, said in a statement that Netanyahu signed the sale “is not true.” Durmer added that he is convinced that the Trump administration is “dedicated to maintaining” Israel’s military superiority.

Hussein, a scholar at the Arab Gulf State Institute in Washington, Visch told The Times that the Israeli Prime Minister had approved the sale, but had heard from sources from three countries that it had to save face.

“I heard from all three parties that he gave a green light on this,” he said.

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