Netflix confirms Tim Burton’s live-action series

Netflix confirms Tim Burton's live-action series

Tim Burton is creating a live-action series from The Adams Family for Netflix starring Vandinha Adams.

Entitled “Wednesday” (Vandinha’s original name in the United States), the series is described as a “mature comedy” that shows “a loving virgin to all who will become a full-fledged protagonist.”

“When we heard Al Goff and Miles Miller’s idea on Wednesday, it struck us in the heart like an arrow from an animal. Said.

“The upcoming eight-episode series is an investigative mystery, supernatural, plotting Vandinha’s years as a student at the strange Nevermore Academy.”

“Vandinha tries to master his growing mental capacity, preventing a gruesome murder that terrorized the local city and solves the occult mystery that surrounded his parents 25 years ago – all while leading his new and very chaotic relationship with the strange and diverse student body.”

He continued: “We received a call that Tim Burton, a visionary director and a longtime fan of the Adams family, wanted to introduce his television director to the series.”

“Tim has a history of telling powerful stories about social strangers like Edward Csorhounds, Lydia Deets and Batman. Now he brings his unique vision to Vandinha and his frightening colleagues at the Nevermore Academy.”

On Wednesday Burton joins Alfred Coff and Miles Miller, creators of Smallville, a series that fans will love.

The news of Tim Burton collaborating with Netflix for a live-action project for the Adams family was first reported in October 2020. Tim Burton’s credits include 1989’s Batman, Ghosts Have Fun and Edward Czorhounds.

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Another recent report said that Tim Burton is eyeing Johnny Depp for the role of Gomez in The Adams Family series on Netflix. Depp recently got into a legal battle with Amber Heard, which resulted in Depp being replaced by Kellert Krindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3 by Mats Mickelson.

Created by Charles Adams in 1938, the Adams family ownership was shown in live-action and animation on film and television.

The Adams family’s 1991 live-action film starred Anjalika Huston, Raoul Julia, Christopher Lloyd and Christina Richie, along with the animated film The Adams family starring Oscar Isaac’s voice actors, Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace Moret, Finn Wolfard and others.

There is no release date yet for the Netflix live-action series of Wandinha Adams, directed by Tim Burton.

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