Netflix experimentally brings Netflix to the country for free for two days.

Netflix experimentally brings Netflix to the country for free for two days.

Netflix is ​​planning a two-day “event” that allows non-subscribers in India to stream the company’s library without a subscription plan.

The move comes in response to news that Netflix has decided to end its free trial period and instead focus on other marketing promotions to get new subscribers. Greg Peters, Chief Operating Officer of Netflix, has identified a promotion called “StreamFest” in the company’s third-quarter earnings announcement and said it is currently for India only. Peters believes that something like StreamFest “can actually create an event.” The free trial starts on December 4th. Kinds Confirm. Peters did not provide any information on whether to come to the United States. protocol First report.

A Netflix spokesperson said, “We are always looking at a variety of marketing promotions to attract new members and provide a great Netflix experience. The Verge Before import request.

Earlier this month, Netflix stopped This is an option for potential subscribers to test the service with a 30-day free trial. The company has already tried the following alternative marketing promotions: Paywall removal Some movies and shows this year.

ET update on October 20th at 7:14pm: This story has been updated with Netflix’s third quarter earnings announcement.

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