Netflix has released the 2021 release trailer, a new film of the week

Netflix has released the 2021 release trailer, a new film of the week

A Netflix Revealed today (12) The trailer for its releases is scheduled for 2021, announcing plans to release an original movie a week throughout the year. This video, which can be seen above, contains footage of similar products Now and forever, Laura Jean, Kissing booth3, Army of the Dead Even more so.

The video reveals two products with small details and huge casts: Red notice, Long Call Godot, Ryan Reynolds e Twain Johnson, e Do not look above, With Leonardo DiCaprio e Jennifer Lawrence.

Do not look above Need direction Adam McKay It tells the story of two astronomers who go on a magazine tour to warn mankind about the approach of a comet to destroy the Earth. Actors will also be featured Jonah Hill, Timothy Solomon, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Haryana Grande e Matthew Perry.

Still, the preview shows scenes from the West The harder they fall, Superhero movie Thunder Force, And long Injured (Movement Hale Berry), Tick, tick… boom (Movement Lynn Manuel Miranda), The girl in the window (With Amy Adams), Escape from Spiderhead (With Chris Hemsworth) Moxie, Owl tiger Even more so.

In the presentation, the platform pointed out the diversity of types expected for the original features: “This is a sample of the complete list, which includes superheroes, Westerners, thrillers, romantic comedies, action, comedy and all.”

At the end of this month, the stage will be launched Twin father, Long Corn, e Excavation, With Gary Mulligan e Ralph Fiennes.

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