Netflix is ​​making another big news on Android!

Netflix is ​​making another big news on Android!

Have you ever fallen asleep watching a series on Netflix? It happens to everyone. In fact, in my case, I have some animated series that I use for this purpose. When watching movies or series on TV, program to turn off the TV after a few hours. But what if it is on a smartphone? To answer this question, Netflix will launch a brand new feature on Android. In practice, it allows people to set a timer to turn off the app.

Netflix is ​​making another big news on Android!

This feature allows users to set the time to 15, 30 or 45 minutes or turn it off when they finish watching. When these timers expire, the Netflix application will stop.

This is not the first time I have heard this. In fact, the site XDA I already saw a note about this in an APK of the Netflix Android app. It was a simple sleep time, but with very little hint of activity level. Now that this Netflix system is officially tested, we can already see how it works.

But how does it work anyway?

When viewing a column, a new timer button appears in the upper right corner. It starts a timeline with different options to choose from. However, if you are still awake when the timer is close to being triggered, you can disable it using the sleep function. It sounds like an alarm.

Verge claims that this feature is being tested worldwide on Android devices, but Netflix wants to bring it to other devices. Including TVs. In fact, if this innovation is popular among Netflix subscribers, it will soon become a permanent feature of this service.

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Netflix No Android

However another new feature is coming to this site. In the official blog, Netflix announced that it now supports extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC. This is as long as the smartphone has Android version 9 or higher.

Excellent sound quality

Well, there are different sound parameters in different content. For example, an action movie has a different dynamic range than a classic concert. First, you will hear the explosions more clearly, and second, the equation experience is more consistent. If you listen without making changes between the two contents, the audio experience will not be the best.

Netflix No Android

The new update solves this problem. In fact, it focuses on three main aspects of sound. Volume, dynamic range and maximum volume.

In other words, this novelty will ensure a better experience with documentaries, action films, concerts, whatever. The new update is already available, so keep an eye out for any updates that appear in the Play Store.

Sometimes we put more emphasis on the image than the sound. However, both components are equally important. Try watching an 8K movie with sound muted. It loses a lot of strength. That’s why sites are more concerned with ensuring a good sound experience.

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