Netflix makes Chicago 7 free on YouTube

Netflix makes Chicago 7 free on YouTube

Netflix announced the film on Thursday (18) Chicago test 7 Available on YouTube for free from Friday (19) to Saturday (20) at 11:59 p.m.

The film was one of the biggest streaming hits of 2020 and was critically acclaimed. Sasha Baron Cohen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Keaton, Eddie Redmine and Jeremy Strong, Chicago test7 It tells the true story of eight people accused of inciting a riot and conspiracy during the anti-war struggles in Vietnam in 1968. There were several clashes between the police and the participants.

The film features the direction and screenplay by Aaron Sork, who worked on the film Big move e Social Website. On the Netflix blog, the Golden Globe candidate wrote: “To celebrate the anniversary of the verdict in this historic trial, we made a film available on YouTube 48 hours a day, reminding us of the true patriots who inspired a generation – in fact, generations – to take to the streets and defend the foundations of our American Constitution with the world. It’s an honor to share. “

This movie is available on North American Netflix, but you can set subtitles for Portuguese. Access the “Details” option, click “Subtitles” and select “Automatically translate”. Take a look Chicago test7 Fur Link YouTube.

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