Famous character Sonic thorn pig Netflix will have its own series in 3D animated format.

Series titled Sonic Prime Consists of 24 chapters and focuses on a sonic adventure where the destiny of a multiverses falls into your hands. In addition, the adventure symbolizes the journey of self-discovery and the recovery of this fast blue mammal.

This Netflix project comes after the first screening of the film Direct action Sonic thorn pigParamount Pictures, held in August 2020, grossed $ 320 million internationally and $ 149 million in the United States alone. The Sega And Paramount announced that they were making a sequel to the film.

Series Sonic Prime Its target audience is children between the ages of six and eleven, which can be enjoyed by the whole family, as well as those who remember the character of Sonic as part of their childhood. Sonic Prime Animated at Wild Brain Studios in Vancouver and co-produced with Sega, as well as distribution and licensing of the series. In addition, the creators of the Man of Action Entertainment – animated series I 1o – and the Disney team responsible for the film Great Hero6 Will be executive producers Shoranners.

Since its inception in 1991, Games Sonic thorn pig Sold more than 1.14 billion units (sales and Downloads), According to Sega.

Sonic Prime Launched on Netflix in 2022.