Netflix paid ridiculous value to La Casa de Papal; Look

La Casa de Papal bought Netflix for ridiculous value;  Look

La Casa de Papal is Netflix’s most popular Spanish language series. In Brazil, production has become a real cultural event, promoting fantasy, music and more.

The fourth season of La Casa de Papal has already reached Netflix. This year, millions of people rushed to the marathon episodes, which exceeded (and exceeded) many expectations.

Netflix has recently confirmed that the fifth season of the series will be final, which has raised further concerns about the fate of the fans’ characters.

Although the new season is not introduced; Check out the interesting curiosity about the roots of the series below – and the humble beginning -!

Although La Casa de Papal was launched globally by Netflix, its first two seasons were not produced on stage.

The series was initially conceived with a plot calculated as two parts. The 15 episodes produced were shown on the Spanish broadcaster Antenna 3 from May to November 2017.

Initially, La Casa de Papal was not very successful with the Spanish public. Producer Javier Gomez talked about the difficult path of the series.

“Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the series is a history of failures!” Antenna 3 reduced the number of planned episodes, and La Casa de Papal was eventually canceled. The story could have ended there, ”the producer recalled.

As already mentioned, Netflix is ​​critical to the successful arrival of La Casa de Papal.

You may not believe it, but the platform paid only $ 2 for the series’ reproduction rights!

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Streaming company La Casa de Papal introduced without marketing or big ads. The site also paid for the production of subtitles, dubbing in multiple languages, and basic overhaul of the chapters.

To the surprise of the company’s executives and the producers of La Casa de Papal, the series took place overnight! Its popularity exploded not only in Spanish-speaking countries, but also in the United States and Europe.

With the unexpected success, Netflix has signed an exclusive deal with creator Alex Pina, producing two more seasons at once – on a hefty budget.

The Netflix investment was more than perfect! Today, La Casa de Papal is the most popular Spanish language series on stage, paving the way for products such as Elite and Wis a Wis.

The final season of La Casa de Papal is due to arrive on Netflix in 2021.

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