Netflix Portugal: Top 10 Most Popular Movies and Series of All Time!

Netflix Portugal: Top 10 Most Popular Movies and Series of All Time!

With the continuous release of new movies and series and the arrival of new seasons, the more watched schedules of movies and series are subject to constant changes.

These lists are always great on the weekends, which is a great way to find new series and movies to occupy your series. While there is no guarantee that everyone will suit your taste, chances are very high that you will find at least some interesting options.

Currently Netflix Top 10 Most Popular Movies and Series in Portugal

1. Lupine (Series – Season 1)

2. Rule: Winx Saga (Series – Season 1)

3. Bridgeton (Series – Season 1)

4. Below Zero (Figure – 1m 46m)

5. Riverdale (Series – 5 Seasons)

6. Discovering ‘Ohana’ (Figure – 2m3m)

7. Digging (Picture – 1m 52m)

8. Mom is only two (Cherry – 1 season)

9. White Tiger (Picture – 2m5m)

10. Snowfall (Series – 2 Seasons)

If none of these options are to your liking, you can always explore lists of other countries where other series and movies are available. For example, the Netflix list in the United States is much more extensive than the Portuguese, see how you get free access to 100% off Netflix offers.

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