Netflix screens ‘I Care’ movie

Netflix screens 'I Care' movie

Screened Friday (19) on Netflix [VIDEO] “I Care for Lot” is a United States production written and directed by Jay Blackson and starring: Rosamond Bike, Isa Gonzalez and Peter Dinglage. 1:59 The feature film is advertised as an acid comedy by the streaming site, but the film does not make anyone laugh or laugh, even though it shows many scornful moments from multiple characters. “I Care” is not strong enough to make the audience laugh nervously as it calls for certain situations.

what is that

Marla Grayson (Rosamond Bike) runs a successful curing company for the disabled, whose company specializes in working with the elderly, who are unable to take care of themselves, and have no family members, so the government appoints Marla as a legal guardian after these visitors. But the company is actually involved in a criminal scheme that deceives its clients into being complicit in doctors, nursing homes and clinics.

The businessman’s business goes very well until the day he decides to extend his tents to Jennifer Peterson (Diane Wist), a healthy and independent old woman who lives alone, and Mrs. Marla, who realizes that the old woman has a small fortune.

Peterson suffers from senile disease to manage the old woman’s funds.

But what no one knows is that you are actually the mother of a powerful Russian mafia boss played by Peter Dinglage. Like the mob that Tyrion enjoyed from the series, Marla has a chance to resolve the situation and make more profit. ”Game of Thrones”Jennifer Peterson offers a deal to the businessman to evict him from a nursing home, but the very greedy woman tries to ask for a much larger sum than he was originally offered, and then a dispute ensues between the businessman and the mob. The elderly.

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“I Care” filmmaker Jay Blackson drinks from the sources of directors like brothers Ethan and Joel Goen. In addition, there are similarities with the works of director Guy Ritchie, but at no time does the new Netflix thriller come close to the works of the aforementioned filmmakers. Blackson handles the film with some skill in mixing elements such as desire comedy with violent scenes, but this only lasts for the first half of the film, with the film being completely lost from the middle of the second act.

Rosamond Bike

The actress won a Golden Globe nomination for her performance, although Pike is truly confident in the role, which is an exaggeration. It is hard to imagine that the film is not a joke with the classic framing of the actress who starts and ends the film “Exemplar Girl” (2014).

You can now find a connection with the character in the David Pincher film, both of whom are relentless, brutal and determined to go to the end results to achieve their goals. However, despite the fact that the woman in the 2014 film appears to have sociological tendencies, Marla does everything for her girlfriend Fran (Isa Gonzalez), which shows that there is empathy for some in the character.

Peter Dinglage

After becoming globally popular on the HBO series “Game of Thrones”, the actor was expected to be in roles in the most relevant productions, which will never happen, and Dinglage is once again showing his charm in a small production.

As said before, the film goes downhill from its first half, and J. Blake’s story chooses a path that is completely impossible even for this type of plot. A protagonist in the story is as dishonest as the villain of the plot, which is not even an issue, but the director seems to have had doubts about how to end his plot, eventually deciding to send a message that he is guilty. Not paid, but this news seems a little skeptical above all else.

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