Netflix Wins Shonda Rhimes After Dispute Over Disneyland

Netflix Wins Shonda Rhimes After Dispute Over Disneyland

Shaw Runner Shaunda Rims Abc voluminous Netflix production contract in 2017, And now she is revealing why she decided to leave the network and parent company Disney.

Rhimes Number of hit shows on ABC For 15 years, including “Scandal”, “Gray’s Anatomy,” “How to Avoid Murder,” she said she felt “dying” on the network.

She said Hollywood Reporter: “It felt like I was dying. It seemed like I had been pushing the same ball the same way on the same hill for a really long time.”

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Overall, Rhimes made more than $2 billion for Disney, but meeting TV executives over the Disneyland Pass was the last straw for the creators.

According to the outlet, Rhimes accepted an all-inclusive Disneyland Pass as part of the contract, but since she is a single mother with three children, another pass was required for the nanny. She was able to negotiate it.

Shonda Rhimes is known to have signed a nine-digit production contract with Netflix. (Getty)

However, when Family Travel Day came, Rhimes could no longer attend, so a third pass was needed for the sisters on behalf of Rhimes.

According to Hollywood reporters, Rhimes got a third pass, but Rhimes’ request was resisted and a senior network executive told her, “Aren’t that enough?” When you call that person to find out what the problem is.


Rhimes called the attorney immediately after the meeting and said “find a way” to move to Netflix because she was done. In August 2017, Rhimes announced the transfer.

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“Shondaland’s transition to Netflix is ​​a result of its sharing plans. [Netflix Chief Content Officer] Ted Sarandos and I build upon me as a storyteller and my vision for the development of the company. “She said in a statement at the time.

Rhimes went on to say: “Ted gives the creators of Netflix a clear, fearless space. He gives me the opportunity to build a vivid new storytelling home for writers through the unique creative freedom and immediate global reach that Netflix’s unique flair brings. I understand what you’re looking for. There are endless possibilities for Shondaland’s future on Netflix.”

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Her production contract is known to be in the 9-digit range.

ABC’s representative did not immediately respond to Fox Business’s request for comment.

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